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5 Finger Shoes

So, today was the first time in many months that I decided to work out in my Vibram 5 Finger shoes. The last time I wore these shoes was when I was training for the Boston Marathon in early 2011. It just so happened that during that time period I was also getting ready for the NPC San Diego bikini championships. As many of you might know, those two activities don’t usually go hand in hand! However, I happened to be the leanest that I have ever been at a show, understandably, and placed pretty well at that show at 4th place. So, my experience tells me that from all that running, I will NOT run my butt off… literally!

Now, given that some of my critiques from Fitness America Bikini contest that I just did last Saturday include me not being lean enough and suffering from some sort of “runner’s calf” (sounds kind of gross but it is just that the shape of the muscle makes calves look thicker at the bottom…not to be confused with a cankle!), I have decided to pull out the 5 toe shoes and work out my legs a little different. I could very well replace running with the stair master or bike to get the look I want, but as many of those who know me (or are getting to know me), I am a long-time die hard marathon runner. To stop running or even just run a little less is unheard of! I refuse to stop doing something I absolutely love…in fact, I am going to do it more! Check out my kicks below as I hit the pavement! Hopefully, I’ll still be able to walk tomorrow…



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