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About PaulinaCarla

I am a fitness and exercise fanatic and have been working out my entire life! When I was a little girl, I always played outside and was very active. I did cheerleading and gymnastics in junior high. however, when I started high school I joined the field hockey team. As a super shy teenage girl, cheering wasn’t really me and there was something about running around super fast, waving a big stick in the air and checking people that really drew me to the sport! I was one of the top scorers for our highschool team and went on to play in college (this was after playing rugby for my freshman year at Umass. Not a real good idea at 5’3″ 115lb, but I tried!)

Then I graduated college and very sadly put away my field hockey stick and cleats. Not really knowing what to do for exercise, I started running more on my own and working out at the gym. My older brother Pete, national level bodybuilding competitor and coach (check out his site, used to invite the family to the shows and send us magazines with his photos in them. I was so inspired by the athletes at these shows, just seeing the amount of work on display on the stages was amazing. It was so crazy to me that these competitors put their hearts and souls into everything they did to create their most perfect physique. I knew, and know, that i have the same potential in me. So everyday I train: running, lifting, swimming, biking, climbing, stretching, RESTING, eating healthy, measuring food, staying hydrated, posing, walking, taking care of my skin and hair, and of course indulging here and there! I do this in hopes that I can reach my most perfect physique while having fun along the way. Because like they say, it is the journey that matters, not the destination!



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